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Field Trip Day - OKC

Field Trip Day presented by The people of Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas
Wednesday, Nov. 16
Tuesday, Feb.28
Wednesday, March 8

Attend an NBA basketball game in OKC and provide an educational experience for students. We want to see YOU at Paycom Center as the Oklahoma City Blue, G League affiliate of the Oklahoma City Thunder, play a Field Trip Day game. Field Trip Day has become an annual tradition for the Blue drawing thousands of spectators each year. School groups, families, and other fans come from all over the state to experience this special game atmosphere.

The unique game experience pairs the excitement of NBA basketball with an educational focus on STEM curriculum. There will be plenty of entertainment to keep every fan engaged, including appearances from Thunder mascot Rumble the Bison, the Thunder Girls and O’City Crew dance teams, Thunder Drummers, Storm Chasers and live demonstrations from members of Science Museum Oklahoma. Take a look at our 2022 Field Trip Day gallery for more of what you can expect.



“We’ve started introducing it (STEM) early and they are very intrigued with STEM. Any experiments we do they love and want to know more. They love Rumble, they love being loud and they love the experiments.

-Hilda Findley | Teacher at Dale Elementary School

"We’re so thankful to the OKC Thunder. It’s a really cool experience to get them to be in here and to get to see the basketball players. A lot of them just lost their minds just in the parking lot, they were like wow, it’s so big. Getting to walk around inside is a real honor and privilege and they’re really thankful to be here. A lot of the parents are able to come too and experience this with their children for the first time. It’s super awesome to get our kids inside here and seeing people who care about them and have made this whole day open just to students."

-Rebecca Babb | Teacher at Santa Fe South Elementary at the Hills

"I would describe this as a blast, a [once] in a lifetime thing for some of us, right? Just giving us the opportunity to give these kids something that they’ve never really had to have that chance for in their personal life so with that they know, going forward, these guys, if they continue to work hard in school, academically, as well as behavior, we’ll have more trips like this, more to come."
- Ethan Estep | Teacher at Carriage Hills Elementary

"A great big thank you to you! Our faculty and students absolutely loved the game. They had a fantastic time. This was such a wonderful opportunity for our students. I had one little girl get off the bus, hug me, and tell me thank you for allowing them to go ... She would never get to experience something like this on her own. We have a high poverty rate in Apache and almost 80 percent of our students qualify for reduced/free lunches. I am so glad we were able to provide this opportunity for them. The consensus is that we would definitely want to do this again."
- Amber Crow | Principal, Apache Elementary | Apache, OK

"It’s the loudest crowd ever. The kids have a great time supporting the Blue. They were so excited loading the buses. And it’s just a fun day for them to kind of relax, especially when testing is coming up. It’s just kind of a day to relax and just have fun."
- Carly Duerr and Brittany Decker | Teachers at Centennial Elementary

"I think it’s very unique how they have the game, but then they also bring the education along with it. Our school is one of the poorest schools in Oklahoma, so they don’t get to do [many] field trips for kids. I like how they got us out to do something educational, but also fun at the same time."

- Octavious Hultz | 11th grader at Gans Public School


The Oklahoma City Blue is the NBA G League affiliate of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Blue plays 50 games every year in a league of 28 affiliate teams from the U.S. and Canada.

Now an annual tradition in OKC, Field Trip Day allows school groups, families and other fans an opportunity to experience the excitement of NBA basketball in an educational environment. The Blue partners with Science Museum Oklahoma to present STEM facts, videos and activities which can start on the bus ride and continue throughout the game.

The Oklahoma City Blue will tip off at 11 a.m.; games typically last 2 1/2 hours. In addition to STEM-focused elements presented by Science Museum Oklahoma, the Blue emcee and others. Thunder entertainers will engage with fans to ensure everyone in attendance has a memorable experience.


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